The Hexhaminer March 2018

Welcome to the March edition of the Hexaminer, and we start with a reminder that there’s a drinks get-together at The County Hotel in Hexham this Saturday (24th) from 7:30 pm. It’s a very informal social evening at which we can try to remember what it was like to be out on the river pre-Beast from the East etc. It’ll be a good chance to talk about the regatta season ahead.

Remember, if you want to compete but don’t yet have a crew, have a word with the captains, Catherine or Steve, who’ll try to accommodate whatever you want to do this season.

The first regatta is at Chester-le-Street on 14 April. Look out for the season’s entry deadlines on the website and in next month’s newsletter.

While we’re talking social events, the committee is trying to assess the level of support for a club dinner after the regatta season and summer holidays, etc. If people like the idea, the dinner would go ahead in October at a venue in the town and would become an annual event if it is a success.

Please give your thoughts to the club secretary Mark Styles at


We’ve been very fortunate in recent seasons to benefit from the efforts of volunteer trailer drivers, who have given up their time and vehicles to ferry us to and from heads and regattas.

This season, we have lost at least two of these stalwarts, and urgently need volunteers with tow-bars to step up to fill the gaps. Given our increased number of entries in events, we need to use both trailers during the regatta season and there is a particular need for someone to take the heavier trailer in tow. If you can help, please contact Kevin or any committee member.

Blood on the Blades

Gruesome goings-on down at the boathouse, where some members have been worried about finding blood on the handles when they have gone for their blades.

It is fairly easy to sustain cuts and grazes on even the gentlest outing, but please ensure that you clean up both the wound and the equipment when you come in. If blood loss makes that impossible, then please speak to the session supervisor so the handles can be cleaned before the blood is dry.

While on the subject – it’s a good idea for everyone to be aware of the dangers of water-borne diseases. British Rowing has a helpful guidance page at

Follow the link to the NHS site and the BR regulation as there’s additional information on each – it’s easy stuff like covering up existing wounds and injuries, clean new ones and always wash your hands after rowing and before eating and drinking. It doesn’t take long to read them so give it a go.

Eight or No Eight, that’s the Question

There have been a number of discussions about boats and their usage over the winter, given the pressure on space in the boathouse. Just to gauge the level of support for using the club’s eight, the committee would like to hear from members whether they are interested in rowing in an eight crew at any stage this year. Again, please send your views via email to the club secretary Mark Styles on

New Season, New Kit?

If you do want to replace some of your well-worn pieces of kit, now’s the time to do it. Kevin has opened up a new kit window at Godfrey Sports. This means that everything will be charged with 2-11 items discount, and hopefully some will go into the 12-30 discount bracket when the final price is calculated at the end of the window. There’s an additional five per cent off as well!

Go to, where the system is explained.

And finally...

Good luck to the junior section, who travel with five crews to the Ponteland Junior Head this Saturday. Our successful WJ14 4X+ faces stiff competition from 10 other crews as they prepare to represent the region in the JIRR championships in Nottingham next month.

And finally, finally...

Let’s hope the juniors turn themselves out better than one of our more senior rowers competing at Durham SBH recently. When the time came to disrobe to the final layer at the start, he discovered was wearing his all-in-one back to front! His excuse? He had dressed in the dark so as not to disturb his sleeping spouse.

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