Welcome to Hexham Rowing Club. Situated on a beautiful stretch of the river Tyne, known as one of the best rowing rivers in the North, we welcome experienced rowers, new rowers from 12 years old upwards, or individuals looking for a way of relaxing from the strains of modern living.

We are a community sports club run entirely by volunteers. Membership fees go towards the maintenance of the buildings and investing in boats and equipment that benefit members. We are affiliated to British Rowing and follow their guidance on governance and policies and procedures. Our Regatta in June is our main fund raiser and is a great time to come and see the club at its best.


On the website you will find a range of information. If you haven't rowed before but would like to, then go to our Learn 2 Row pages. If you would like to join the club please go to our contact page and fill in the form to get further information or you can find information on costs and the relevant forms on our membership page.