6 Gold's & 2 Silver medals. Team Hexham, Team Awesome! #BMRC16

What a weekend for Hexham Master's at British Masters Rowing Championships 2016! The British Masters 'Gang' comprised of: Stuart, Ben, Barney, Giuseppe, John, Pam, Bruce, Beverley, Kevin, Catherine, Anna, Fi, Sue, Adam, Elizabeth and Frances. They had a gruelling couple of days of racing but will be coming home adorned with medals, 6 Gold's and 2 Silver!!!


WB 2x (Anna and Catherine) Silver

WC Nov 4+ (Fi, Elizabeth, Sue, Frances & Adam) Gold

Mx C 2x (Kevin and Catherine) Gold

C2- (Kevin and Dave from Talkin Tarn) Gold

B IM3 1x (Giuseppe) Gold

WB 2x (Anna & Catherine) Gold

WA 4x- (Anna & Catherine in Tyne Composite) Gold

Mx C4x- (Kevin, Anna, Barney & Catherine) Silver

Well done to all taking part, everyone did the club proud. #GoTeamHexham! We even got mentioned on the British Rowing website! (View the article here)

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