Covid-19 Additional Safety Plan, 5th June 2020

HEXHAM ROWING CLUB – COVID-19 – SAFETY PLAN as of 5th June 2020 British Rowing has advised that Affiliated Clubs may, if they wish, allow members to use club boats and private boats from their facilities, subject to having a club plan in place to support the safe access to and use of equipment. Clubs must follow all relevant government guidance including hygiene and social distancing. This Safety Plan will be further updated following any changes in Government advice.

This Safety Plan forms an addendum to the Hexham Rowing Club Safety Plan which was approved by the Committee in October 2018 and should be read alongside it. This addendum Safety Plan remains in force until such time as it is no longer required.

British Rowing are now at ‘Stage B’ of their ‘return to rowing’ programme. This stage means that ONLY recreational rowing is allowed. No coaching or club activities.


1. Which areas of the club are open:

• The boat house is only available to people with a key. If you think you should have a key and do not have one, please contact – in line with the current Safety Plan, only competent rowers may access club facilities outside of club hours (see full Safety Plan). • The clubhouse remains closed until further notice; members MUST NOT use the club house facilities. This may change in the future as and when this Safety Plan is updated. • The club may need to CLOSE THE CLUB WITH IMMEDIATE EFFECT if it is considered expedient to do so. Members will be informed by e-mail.

2: Boats and equipment

• Ergos are not to be used. • Private boats can be used. Other competent rowers (see part 1) may use other club singles and doubles. People who have not been rowing alone before, should not go out alone. All rowing is subject to the provisos set out in the main club Safety Plan. • You (or you and a family member) must be capable of carrying a boat safely to the water and returning it to the rack. • Doubles can be used, but only by people in the same household. • ‘C’ Blades are to be used for all outings (or own blades)

3: Hygiene

• There is soap for hand washing and disinfectant, buckets, sponges and cloths available for cleaning boats and equipment before and after rowing. • There is now a dilute bleach mixture (1:50 bleach:water) which is advised for use by British Rowing for cleaning boats and equipment. There is a sprayer which can be topped up from the 5L container which is marked ‘diluted bleach’. • Boats must be thoroughly cleaned, including seats, stretchers, hull, riggers and gates. Blade handles must be thoroughly cleaned; all cleaning with bleach solution or soapy water and disinfectant. • Members should bring their own clean towel for drying down boats and blades after use and take their towel home with them. Members should also bring disinfectant wipes and wipe down surfaces with these (or spray). • All door handles, chains for opening to boathouse should be cleaned thoroughly before and after use. • Hand sanitiser should be used – Members must bring their own. • There is handwash – regular washing of hands is essential before and after touching surfaces • The bin has been emptied and should not be used. Please take all rubbish home with you.

4: Managing access to the club

• In order to facilitate some kind of booking system, people who do wish to come and use the club during the epidemic must register with the Club’s secretary. There is a Time Tree system where all users must book their slot to row to ensure that there is availability of boats, and no more than 6 people at the club at any one time. • There will be no more than 6 people at the club from separate households at any one time. Those people must observe social distancing rules (if they are not from the same household) and clean all surfaces and equipment and must not share towels/equipment. • Trestles must be spaced far enough apart to allow people to move around boats without coming closer than 2m. • No more than 2 people should be in the boathouse at any one time. Please wait to enter if someone is inside getting out a boat or blades. • Only full paying club Members will be allowed club facilities. • Government guidance should be followed at all times: this means, that if you have a temperature, persistent cough, or other symptoms of Covid-19, or have been near someone else with these symptoms, then you must not come to the club. • People should only row with their own family members (if in a double). If singling, then you can come down with someone who is not from your household, but you must observe social distancing rules. 6 people are now allowed outdoors from a different household, as long as they observe social distancing rules. • If you or a member of your family become infected with Covid-19, and you have accessed the boathouse and used the facilities, you must inform the safety officer (via the club secretary) as soon as possible.

5: Coaching and club sessions

• There are to be no coaching or club sessions at Hexham Rowing Club until further notice. Anyone who requires coaching to row should not come down to the club. • There will be no junior rowing until BR are at ‘Stage C’ of their ‘return to rowing’ programme, likely (at present) to be 4th July 2020. At this stage, junior rowing options will be reviewed.

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