Important Information for All taking part in Winter Training

In order for me to fulfil the hire agreements and also to ensure your safety I will need to know of any medical conditions, medications or injuries you may have.

I appreciate that you may feel uncomfortable disclosing confidential information to me. I can assure you that as part of my professional conduct as your instructor I am bound to keep this information strictly confidential. I am not a doctor but I am trained to understand a range of medical conditions and how to adapt exercise to make it safe for medical conditions and medications.

The only time I would disclose information that you had given me to someone else, would be if you collapsed (a highly unlikely event!!) and I needed to pass that information onto another health professional for your safety.

Those of you with medical conditions or are taking medications: please write them down and put them into a sealed envelope with your name clearly printed on the outside. Discuss them with me, I won't open the envelope but will have it with me in case I need to pass it onto a medical professional.

ALL: Please write down your name and the name and contact details as someone to be contacted in an emergency

What you need to bring with you

Circuits: Please wear suitable trainers, cross trainers are ideal. (Running shoes will do but aren't ideal as they are designed to be kept on a linear plane and can cause problems with the Achilles tendon). You will also need: water, a towel, an exercise mat if you have one. I'm not sure of the temperature in the church hall' so be prepared - wear layers and remove as necessary.

Indoor Cycling: Suitable shoes are preferably cycling shoes with SPD cleats (quite often Aldi have them cheaply if you don't already have them) otherwise HARD soled trainers (not running shoes) are suitable. Wear light weight clothing, cycling shorts, bring a towel and water with you.

Looking forward to seeing you there!


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