Places Available for Tees Tour, Great Tyne Row and the Wear Tour

There are places available for 3 tours around the region, taking place in July and August. The events completed in stable explore rowing boats. e Tees Tour takes place on 23rd July at Tees Watersports Centre and is a 25km rowplace on 8th August and is just under 20km

  • The Great Tyne Row starts at Newburn and finishes at Tynemouth and is a 25km row or race depending upon your prefence!

For the Tees Tour there are 3 places left 2 rowing and 1 coxing although they can be interchangeable if people don't want to row the whole distance. These events are very sociable and are a great way to explore the rivers of the region and go to places in a boat that you wouldn't normally get to in fine boats. You can find out more details on our shout out that was sent to members or to book or further information please contact John or Jill Young.

Here is a video of the Great Tyne Row to give you a flavour of the event. A video of the Wear Tour can be found on our Explore Rowing pages.


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