Hexham's British Masters 2016 campaign is underway!

If you want to check up on our Masters progress, here is the order of racing:


9:56 WB2x

12:56 D4x-

13:32 E Nov 4+

13:56 WA Nov 4+

14:48 Mx C 2x

16:12 E 4x-

17:24 WC Nov 1x


10:16 WC/D IM3 4+

10:20 BIM3 1x

10:28 C2-

10:44 DIM3 1x

13:54 Mx D IM3 2x

14:26 WB IM3x

16:10 WIM3 A/B 4x-

Good luck to all. Bring us back some nice shiny things! Updates will be posted on Twitter (@Hexhamrowing) and on our Facebook page HRC Hexham Rowing.

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