Safety is very important to us and whilst rowing is generally a very safe sport you are on the water and any body of water can be highly dangerous.


We are not the only people who use the river and members should be aware of other clubs such as QE Rowing Club, Hexham Canoe Club and Open Water Swimmers using the river, as well as, fishermen, dog walkers (or dog swimmers!). 


Make sure you take responsibility for your OWN safety and do not endanger others by ensuring that you are familiar with our local policies and procedures which you can find on the buttons on the right hand side of this page.


Ensure you are aware of local hazards in particular the weir (see information right). Also check out the risk assessment document, which should be used at all times.    

Check the following before going out

1. Have you checked the river levels and weather conditions?

  • You must NOT go out if you are inexperienced or a novice rower if the water is above the top landing stage.

  • Do you have the skill and strength to cope with fast flowing water?

  • Do you have the skill and strength to control your boat in windy conditions?

  • Can you easily and quickly stop your boat?

  • Can you easily and quickly turn your boat to stroke and bowside?


2. Have you checked to see who else is using the water? Always be aware of other club users, swimmers etc. You can find more information on avoiding collisions here. Please see the correct circulation pattern below:

3. If the conditions are OK to continue your outing then please ensure you have checked your boat or your seat in a boat. Check the bow ball is fitted well and that your heel restraints are connected properly. (More information can be found on the right hand side of the page). If you are using a boat with Wing Riggers then please check out the video and documents on this page for the correct fitting of the riggers. There have been many accidents with the riggers coming lose during an outing.


4. Keep checking the conditions and other water users whilst you are out. Try to use a wide turn at the top and the bottom of the river to ensure that you are out of the way of others in your lane as quickly as possible. 


If you do have an accident or incident on the water, please ensure that you report it to the Safety Officer. All incidents also need to be reported to British Rowing.

Contact the Safety Officer

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Avoiding collisions

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